FWF project no. P 28353-G26

FWF project no. P 24075-G23

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Universitt Salzburg


Welcome to the website for the projects Early music printing in German-speaking lands: Technical and repertoire development (2012–15) and From the 1470s to the mid-16th century (2015–20). Both projects were funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), project numbers P 24075-G23 and P 28353-G26, and directed by Prof. Dr. Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl at Salzburg University. The research was supported by the project team members Dr. Elisabeth Giselbrecht, Dr. Dr. Grantley McDonald, Dr. Marianne Gillion, Dr. Moritz Kelber and Dr. Karina Zybina.

The aim of the projects was to examine in detail every edition containing printed music published in the German-speaking lands, from the introduction of this new medium in the 1470s until the middle of the the sixteenth century. The research data, presented in the online database vdm Verzeichnis deutscher Musikfrühdrucke / Catalogue of early German printed music, formed the basis of a series of scientific publications.

This material has been made freely available, in the hope of stimulating further research in this area. The data of the research project can be downloaded in several formats here.

If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations, please contact the former project leader Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl via email.